The healing crisis/Herxhemier reaction.

It is normal  to suffer from detoxification  reactions when we begin to heal ourselves. This is classically referred to as a healing crisis and occurs when the body is expelling toxins into the different systems of the body.  The healing crisis is a normal process that people will often encounter on their path to getting well. It is also toxic emotions & trauma that will be released if that is what we need to do.

The medical term for healing crisis is the “Herxheimer Reaction.”  This occurs when the cells release toxins into circulation but the elimination organs (skin,  lungs, liver, kidneys, bladder & GI) are not able to eliminate them quickly enough.  The toxins remain in circulation and can effect the brain stem region leading to nausea, poor coordination, headaches, fatigue, malaise, fever, cold symptoms, etc.

Another common cause of the healing crisis has to do with the dying off of certain pathogenic organisms in the body.  These organisms can be Candida infections, viruses and bacteria.  This releases stored endotoxins (within the microbes themselves) that circulate. The more pathogens in the body the more endotoxins that will be released into the bloodstream.

When we begin to detox and awaken our natural internal systems this detoxification will begin.

So if using hemp  tea or other hemp products that contain the whole plant goodness we will begin to awaken our systems & those the toxins in our cells will begin to flood out.

It is a good thing. However I feel in order to move forward rather than go round in an endless circle of healing, we need to begin to educate ourselves on how to help our bodies get rid on these toxins once they start to release.

  1. Drink filtered water if possible every 15 minutes during a healing crisis. Add lemon to this for best effect.
  2. 2. Use lemon or apple cider vinegar.
  3. Use essential oils. These all have different terpenes in them which help our systems.
  4. Get plenty of sleep.
  5. Take some probiotics such as yoghurt.
  6. Eat chicken or veg broth & make sure to add garlic & onions which are anti microbials & reduce endotoxin inflammation.
  7. Activated charcoal.
  8. Diamatecous earth.
  9. Massage
  10. Crying
  11. counselling
  12. reiki
  13. Osteopathy
  14. Himalayan Salt
  15. Crystals/gemstones

Accepting our systems need awakening & then accepting that this causes the toxins stored up for many years to be released is important to our health.

We do not need to keep dosing ourselves up with more & more health products. We need to use these products but also listen & care for our bodies as we take the cbd products etc.

Exercise will also cause toxins long stored in our cells to be released. Again this is a good thing but the knowledge that we need to use the lemon, the garlic, the probiotics, the charcoal or the diamatecous earth will really help.

Also we have a chakra system, we have our emotional body, our mental body, our physical body & our ethereal body.

reiki, massage & counselling all help us heal.

As the CBD products from the hemp unlock our inner selves we must be aware that is only the start. We must then heed what our inner voice & our bodies are telling us.

Ultimately being free within from all toxic matter is the end goal.

Please be aware there are many of us going through this detox. You can look on facebook. we have a group called CBD/Cannabinoids for holistic health.


How to balance & boost your endocannabinoid system

18664436_10154838160914118_3725060277731730808_n  Here at Rainbow Spectrum we love Hemp…we love hemp tea made from hemp flower buds, we love cbd oil derived from hemp. Also known as Cannabis. We are not speaking of the high thc strains that will get u mega high & off your face.

Yes its true a little of the Cannabinoid Thc is good for us, but personally I feel the very high level of thc in street marijuana is unnecessary & can be damaging. If the cannabis plant was decriminalised then we could better educate ourselves on healthy level of all the cannabinoids contained in the cannabis plant.

The good news is the tide is starting to turn & we are beginning to embrace once again as a global society, the many health benefits of balancing our own Endocannabinoidal systems which has a network of cannabinoidal receptors throughout.

As our systems open up to the various cannabinoids such as CBD  & CBDA & THC etc our bodies are flooded with healthful & helpful little agents of regrowth, stimulus & relaxation.

What ways can we boost our Endocannabinoid systems?

Here are a few to kick us off..

Exercise exercise exercise…not forcing the body to go beyond what it wants to…love yourself & your body..exercise, being mindful of love. Love your body into balance. So for some you will do some strenuous walking or cycling. For another it may be jogging. Or dancing. The main point is to get your body & system moving, this in turn stimulates your endocannabinoidal system.

Omega 3 fats… can be found in hemp.

Eat your greens….also oregano & black pepper contain something called Beta Caryophyllene… which is a terpene. This terpene is thought to help inflammatory & autoimmune disorders. What is a terpene…it is natures smells basically… So the smell of an orange a lemon etc etc…all also found in the various strains of cannabis..hence the names lemon haze etc. These terpenes are very good for our systems. This terpene activates the peripheral CB2  endocannabinoid receptor.

Echinaea is a great herb for our endocannabinoid system.

Osteopathy is thought through studies to really help our endocannabinoid systems.

So as you can see hemp & cannabis are not the only helpful agents for our endocannabinoidal system.

In fact I feel solely relying on cannabis is an unbalanced approach to helping our endo system.

That is similar to taking water but no food. Both are needed by the body.

My advise is listen to your inner knowing..your inner wisdom.

As your endo system awakens you will become less anxious..more resourceful, but you need to heed your inner prompting to exercise, change jobs etc .

Any questions join the group on facebook CBD/Cannabinoids for holistic health

or email me here at Rainbow Spectrum.

I also offer angelic reiki sessions, energy alignment sessions, indian head massage & much more.



Who Are You???


In an endless sea of possibilities & personas…it can be very easy to completely forget who we are…

Who am I? …I am a brilliant amazing multidimensional being who happens to be having a human experience…did I chose this ..yes!

I am a spark of the divine…I see we each are though I wont ram it down your throat if it doesn’t sit well with your palate.

What I am not & therefore how I perceive you..

I / we are not fear..or envy..or hate..or greed..or deceit..or Shame…or guilt..or self loathing..the list goes on & on

These are what I see as entities…concentrated energies of the same kind clumped & stuck together..without a soul or purpose other than to attach to that which is more of itself.. a big one being addiction….

These entities are within us…..if they are in this space in our world they can only be if they attach to us…you and I and it’s our job to come to recognise that we are not these entities..

We are amazing multidimensional beings..

How do I know this?

Partly because I had a full kundalini awakening 24 yrs ago & partly because the information is freely available to each of us…if we see…

So remember what you are not & remember who you are…

You are a free amazing multidimensional being


The Great Spirit & the Transient generation

Are you feeling in transition. See my previous blog on the Transient children who carry the Transient energy to bring in the new earth. People who carry & who eventually  become masters of Transient energy are transitonal in their nature. As a Transient myself it has been extremely difficult being in this world & feeling I dont fit in or im in the wrong world! 

This morning the Great Spirit (I dont usually refer to my guides or masters as the Great Spirit, yet it feels intuitively that it was what I can only name as Great Spirit) spoke to me. It was shown to me that I as an orphan from a very young age was born with Transient energy as my destiny & therefore I carried the flavour of transition in my bones & persona. I felt such support & understanding from that which I call Great Spirit. I called in Archangel Gabriel, Michael,Ariel & Raphael also to begin to bring light into the parts of my body which were responding in pain to that which the Great Spirit was sharing with me this morning.

I had been experiencing alot of tumultous energy in my stomach area after writing the blog on saturday with regard to Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow & Transient children. So to feel my angels & Great Spirit come to help me let go of many years of shame & self loathing for not feeling I could handle this world was so amazing & moving. I thought of chronic fatigue & all those who suffer with that condition & other conditions such as ME & I sent a silent blessing to them all. 

Which leads me on to what I want to share with you this morning. This message of support was not for me alone. It is the time for no secrets to be held back. We are all in this together, so all knowledge is for sharing.

The Great Spirit who has the flavour of being One with this earth & all that comes forth from this earth has a specific mandate I feel for empowering the Transients. To all the misfits & displaced peoples the Great Spirit speaks, bringing forth power & protection & provision in perfect timing.

This blog is a simple thank you to the Great Spirit & an acknowledgement of the presence of Spirit in our lives. 


Rainbow Basket news blog


Hello everyone. It is exciting to be typing up the first of many Rainbow Baskets blogs for all my customers.

As you may know Rainbow Baskets  first began in 2013 with a budget of a few hundred pounds. We have still lots of goals to meet, yet we are still here in 2017.

This winter I have been creating new products. The Ascended Rainbow Dragons were hatched, they are a little bit kitsch & full of fun:)

Next we have the range of Rainbow Jewellery, most of the pieces have a celtic theme, with pewter beads forged in the beautiful countryside of South Wales by an artisan called Annie.

We also have our stunning & very unique Ascended Rainbow Unicorns. These were first designed & handsculpted by me-Kate using air dry clay. I then taught myself how to build a latex mould & began to make duplicates of the original unicorn using british gypsum. Each unicorn like the Ascended Rainbow Dragons is uniquely painted & gemstones & cetlic knotwork is added.

I am finding a new creative flow this year & am enjoying immensely being able to make & creative playful, colourful & healing pieces of artwork. I say healing pieces because I believe the gemstones I use are able to bring helpful energy to the person wearing or holding the stones.

Also I personally feel very impacted through my energy body by colours. Have you noticed the colours you chose to wear on a daily basis? Do you see any correlation between how you feel inside that day & the colours you pick? Or maybe you love head to toe black? Interesting fact that black has always been associated with inner feminine power & protection, hence why witches & mystics are often depicted wearing black. Of course black is not actually a colour so to speak on the colour is representative of the deep magical void. Black can be extremely grounding as seen in the use of the gemstone black Obsidian or one of my all time favourite gemstones black Tourmaline. I love love love black natural chunks or Tourmaline.

In the coming months we will be aiming to continue to grow our customer base, yet still providing that bespoke to your door service we always have. The variety will still be present in our home delivery baskets.

We will be adding a more streamlined basket to enable an efficient shopping experience to school staff rooms & offices. At times those who work fulltime do not have time to enjoy a relaxed half hour shopping. We will be offering our Rainbow Baskets to these customers, with approx. 7 lines in each basket… a sample of each item in the basket for customers to sample & handle. An order form will be available for purchases to be made. A orders received will be delivered within a week to that establishment.

Each Rainbow basket blog I will be sharing a top health tip I am using or have used. This blog the spotlight is on Diamatecous earth.

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally-formed sedimentary mineral rock. It’s derived from the remains of diatoms, or oceanic unicellular algae. Diatoms are over 30 million years old and are formed from the cementation of microscopic algae-like plant remains into the earth’s surface. These clay-like, chalky remains are usually found in the form of a thick, white, siliceous powder known as diatomaceous earth.  Often used to support body cleansing, some research also suggests it’s a natural tool for promoting normal blood lipids, detoxing toxic metals, and fighting harmful internal organisms.

I have found using up to a tablespoon of the earth a few times a week has really helped my digestive system & boosted my energy & aided my hormone balance. I take the earth with an effervescent vitamin tablet as Diamatecous earth is also believed to enhance absorption of vital minerals etc.Image result for image of diatomaceous earth

Above is an image of the helpful little Diatoms that make up Diamatecous earth:) For those into sacred geometry…dont you just love the triangles & other gemotry! I intuitively feel very drawn to taking Diamatecous earth as I feel it clears my energy physically & also across my 4 body system. It can be used safely on pets by a light coating into their fur. I sneak a little into a little milk from time to time for my cat Hermionne to rid her of any internal pests. The earth can also be used in magick & used to protect your home boundaries…it is all about the intention we set with the wonderful tools we have available.

The earth is also very reasonable price wise..i get a 1kg tub of Amazon uk current one is from Peru & is made by holistic valley I believe. If you need more info drop me a message…I am more than happy to share any info I have.

So below I have added some pics of the new Rainbow products I create & design.

Until next time…sending you all a warm smile & energetic hug….

Please do let me know if you would like a basket delivered this month of May… I will drop you each a message asking…as I always say its totally ok to say no any month you do not wish to browse through one of the Rainbow Baskets

Also as I have announced elsewhere £1.00 from every sale goes toward the creation of a healing space/retreat centre for children & families. This is a personal life goal that is very dear to my heart.


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