Rainbow Spectrum exists to bring unity within & without. Therefore the greatest aspiration we work toward is that of Oneness.

The sacred marriage within…. after my 23 years off research & journeying with my own soulful energy, thus far it seems the philospher’s stone, the jewel in our crown, is the balancing of our inner female & male energies.

We are all evolving, even when we dont realise it, we still are.

Evolution takes place as the result of a magnetic attraction of certain atoms etc on a quantum level. In a less scientific way we can see that love is what causes evolution of everything.

Therefore it is with an attitude of love that I offer my experience in energy alignment to you. Qualifications available on request or if u wish to chat with me to find out about more about me & the work I do.

We must all tread our own path & yet we must always avail of the wisdom & help of other travellers too.

plse do email me at… contactrainbowspectrum@gmail.com if you wish to book in for an energy session.

I ask for an offering off payment of 80.00 This includes a follow up appointment if you require it & all support via email & phone ..in the weeks after your session. I do offer a payment plan wherby you can enjoy a therapy session with me & pay over 3 months.

For students, children & those receiving benefits i ask for a payment off 15.00

I look forward to hearing from you. Kate McMullan